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    Knight Daunting Strike

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    Knight Daunting Strike

    Post  Ultimate Tank on Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:59 am

    <Basic Info>

    Name: Daunting Strike
    Nicknames: Daunt, Daught, Strike
    Species: Scorpion
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Second-in-command Knight for the Land Force in Lordfore
    Relationship Status: Single
    Place of residence: Lordfore


    Hair colour: Dyed white
    Eye colour: Coal black
    Skin: Brown
    Clothes: No set clothes if she's not wearing her armor. Casual jeans and a t-shirt most of the time, depending on weather.
    Odd features: None. The only 'unusual' thing about her is her white hair, which isn't even natural. She has no scars either due to her body being heavily protected.
    Summary of their appearance: A scorpion in thick armour. 'Nuff said.

    <Friends, Foes and Relations>

    Parents: Deadly Strike (Father - 51) and Sleeping Strike (Mother - 47)
    Siblings: Fatal Strike (Younger sister - 18) and Piercing Strike (Younger brother - 6)
    Crush: None as of yet.
    Friends: Firgusent (A.K.A 'Tech' or 'Grumpyscales'), Yamataro, Diavolo, Mikki and about 50% of the Land Force.
    Rivals: Vladmir Feivus - Current commander for the Aerial Force and a complete dick.
    Enemies: Pretty much anyone who tries to attack her town and the people inside it.

    <Powers and Abilities>

    Abilities: The venom in her tail is paralyzing. While it does not cause pain, it shuts down movement in the limbs. Time depends on how resistant the victim is from her sting.
    Weapon(s): Does not use weapons. She instead prefers to fight with her tail and pincers.
    Special Forms Armour: This special armor is still under construction, but she has used it once when dealing with a dangerous thief. It was built specifically for her by Tech as she's expected to become the commander of the army in time. It's a lot more light to allow more movement speed, yet holds the same defence as her current. It also has a 'tail' which can extend to strike foes and, more importantly, holds an invisibility and healing crystal inside of the armour. In summary, this is a terrifyingly powerful armor. However, due to it being designed so complex, it still requires several years before it is complete.
    Weakness': In terms of combat, while being able to take a ton of damage without taking a scratch on her actual body, Daunting is very slow in her armor and has trouble keeping up with fast opponents. Her armour is also very vulnerable to both cold and hot conditions. In cold, it will freeze her. In heat, it will cook her. Finally, outside of combat, she fears failure and will avoid certain challenges if it means she has a chance of failing, which will result in terrible consequences.

    <Stats (Out of 5)>

    Strength: 4/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Stamina: 5/5
    Agility: 2/5
    Defense: 5/5
    Intelligence: 3/5

    <Back story>
    STILL need to write this up. Bear with me.

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