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    Anything Roleplay Rules


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    Anything Roleplay Rules

    Post  MidknightBeast on Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:15 am

    The Rules are pretty simple and should be second nature to any Roleplayer.

    1. Don't double post, it's irritating and annoying e.g.

    Roleplayer 1: -posts-

    Roleplayer 1: -Posts-

    Roleplayer 2: ¬.¬

    2. When making a RP, be sure to state what kind of RP it is e.g. 'Green Hill Zone- A Sonic RP'

    3. Not necessary but please use good grammar.

    4. Any dead RP's will be deleted, I will ask before doing so though.

    5. Try not to make too many RP's of the same topic, I wouldn't like to see 5 popular Pokemon RP's and 1 Popular Skyrim RP :p

    6. Have fun friendo's!

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