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    Dregan Be Spritin' It Up



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    Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

    Post  Dregan on Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:11 am

    Thought I'd get things rolling here by posting up some of my sprites. For a start I'll just be uploading the characters under the three subsections I posted already on Sonic Fans Unite, then updating both in time whenever I upload a new branch/set of characters. So, here we go...

    Dragon Corp.
    Dr. Seth

    Seth is in charge of the whole thing. The sprites are almost entirely custom, apart from the hands. I've never been able to scratch hands very well, so unfortunately had to borrow those from Emerl.
    He's supposed to be a young scientist of indeterminable species. He also suffers from a... slight mutation problem, as evidenced from the right arm, which he generally covers up with the glove on the full-dressed sprites.

    Lady Diavolo & Lord Zack Saltress

    They're not an actual Lord and Lady, rather, those are their titles within the company. They're Seth's second-in-commands.
    Diavolo and Zack are both, yet again, bar the hands, entirely custom. Well, Zack does have some custom hands as well, but they're mostly from Emerl.
    Diavolo is another relatively young character, though she's not meant to look it. She's gone through harsh times, and shows signs of it, having lost her leg, along with having a facial scar to show signs of her past.
    Zack is more... cocky. He's been granted a new lease of life by both Seth and Diavolo, and intends to take it to it's fullest.


    Despite being entitled 'Butler' and fulfilling that role, in technicality, he's actually quite high-ranking. He'll follow almost any order, despite the authority to override them.
    His sprites are actually quite... old. They need replacing honestly. Yet again, they're custom, beyond the hands, but I know that I can do better than that these days, so will probably create a more cleanly sprited version at some point in the near future.
    Character-wise, he's loyal to a fault. He doesn't neccesarily agree with Seth and his goals, but at the same time, he views Seth as his master, and no matter what doubts occur or come to be, he will never back down from Seth's wishes.


    'S.P.I.N.E' is a small team of elite operatives within Dragon Corp., consisting of Skull, Pelt, Ivory, Never and Eer. Unfortunately, Skull, Pelt and Never are the only ones sprited so far.
    Skull consists of an entirely custom body, with a heavily edited head and, once again, Emerl's hands. Despite probably being the character to most look like an official Sonic character, he's actually the most custom of the three, with both Pelt and Never being edits. I'm considering redoing them to make them more custom and unique at a future date. Although it is worthy of note on here - Pelt's larger, much more muscular form is almost entirely custom (though made with a lot of reference). Really big stuff is where I kind of excell when it comes to custom works, as I hope should be seen in a future post.
    Skull himself is a complete ass. That... about somes up his character. He's just plain unfriendly to everyone. He's also the head of S.P.I.N.E.
    Pelt is a nervous wreck. He's a genius, and his alternate form is extremely strong, yet he's too busy being absoloutely terrified of everything for that to help much.
    Never is just... quiet, the silent type. Nooone in Dragon Corp. really knows much about her, beyond the fact that, despite being able to talk, she prefers communication through simple gesture, holding to the philosophy of actions being louder than words.

    Possession And Demon Control Unit
    Alex Ocraio & Kier

    Here are both Alex and Kier. Alex is the primary hunter of the two, going out into the field in the search for demons, whilst Kier works more back at the base in research and support roles - not to say he can't hold his own in a fight.
    Both sprites are for the most part custom. I did do some editing for Alex' hands and tails, both weaknesses of mine. Beyond that, the only real thing I used was Emerl as a form of pose reference, imitating the poses from there to make them more natural on the finished sprites.
    As for the characters themselves, Alex is... an interesting case. Shi's... 'the best of both worlds' you could say. 'Gender unassigned' would be another valid term. Despite this, shi's relatively normal, spending most of hir time hunting demons or practising hir sword-skills.
    Kier meanwhile is, despite evidence to the contrary, not a robot. Rather, he's a man capable of possessing machinery. He's not particularly able-bodied, so instead uses a robotic shell which he possesses to get out and about and live his life to the full.

    The Outopia Family
    The Outopian Triplets

    Now, some of you may be thinking 'Hey, they're labelled as triplets, why is it that there are only two of them?' Well there's a very good answer for that. I'm lazy and haven't made a sprite of Hito yet.
    Both characters are extremely heavy edits of Emerl, to the extent where the only real resemblance left are the hands of the posing. The heads are entirely scratch.
    As for the characters themselves, Nen on the left is a conman. He makes himself out to be a god to garner followers, using illusions to help satisfy his ends. At the same time, whilst being manipulative, he believes he's doing the right thing - being a god to give people hope and such. Though, admittedly, recently he's been less 'Helping the masses' and more 'Hiding from the world atop a mountain after being mentally shattered', but still.
    Kara, on the right, is slightly more psychotic. He wants to bring about the end of the world simply because he doesn't believe everyone else deserves to be happy when he's miserable. He has the ability to manipulate blood, and he puts it to heavy use. It's also caused him to pick up some... rather disturbing habits.

    The Brute

    This isn't so much a character as it is one of Nen's illusions. One that he never quite willingly creates.
    The sprite is, from head to toe, entirely custom. The arms are borrowed from another sprite I made, though that was one of my customs as well, so I think I can get away with it in that regard. << >>
    But yeah, as I said, this is less a character, more of an illusion. It's a metaphorical representation of the Outopian triplets father, created as an illusion by Nen's mind whenever he feels the need to punish himself over something. The creatures soul perogative is to bring misery to both Nen and Kara, and nothing else - something which Nen felt in life, was the only puurpose of his real father.


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    Re: Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

    Post  Dregan on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:09 am

    Weeell, updating again, this time with the Leafy Bar Staff. Admittedly this is not every member of staff - some of them are owned by other people, for instance, I believe many of you have seen Boa, who is owned by Tank. I'm only showcasing the ones which I made, since, y'know, I can't really show off other peoples work can I?
    Oh, also, one of the characters I do own who is not being showcased is the bouncer for the bar. Why am I not showing him? Weeell... I'm saving both him and his brother to be showcased together last. You'll see why.

    Shelia & Caek

    These are two of the main bar staff, Shelia operating as a barmaid whilst Caek is in charge of marketting respectively.
    Shelia is combined edit of Emerl and Amy. She was sprited about 3 years back when I still wasn't too used to making female faces, thus why I borrowed Amy's head for the task. Caek is largely custom, though I did, as I commonly do, use Emerl as pose reference.
    As for the characters themselves, Shelia is sort of a shared character between me and a friend, however I was the one of us two to make the sprites sooo I get to show her off. Just below the boss, she is effectively in charge of the bar and runs it on a day-to-day basis. She can be quite... shrewd at times, but at her heart she's a pleasant person, and tries her best to do the right thing, even if she doesn't come off as particularly kind.
    Caek is... well, a little bit crazy. She's entirely aware of her existence within a fictional framework and is thus capable of manipulating the medium she's presented in to screw with peoples heads. The awareness has taken it's toll on her though, causing her to have... slight mental issues. She's also one of my only characters to be married, go figure.


    Chris, whilst technically not a member of the staff, dubs herself the bars 'official ghost', which is close enough really.
    Similar to Caek, Chris is mostly custom. Taken from Emerl are the hands and pose referencing, as you've probably noticed is a repeated theme in my work, but still.
    As a character Chris is... well, he was a guy who just so happened to die in a rather unfortunate manner leaving his now female soul trapped till he/she finds a way to pass on. Though honestly? She's less than keen to move to the afterlife and would rather just stick around and play pranks on people.
    Ultimate Tank

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    Re: Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

    Post  Ultimate Tank on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:12 pm

    Oh wow, Dregan. They are so amazing. You are totally better than me. Totally. And you know it.


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    Re: Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

    Post  Dregan on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:28 am

    Am not, hush yo face. 38

    Next characters up are sorta... extra/uncategorised characters and sprites. Yet again, not posting the bar bouncer and his brother among these either. Saving them for the next (aka, the final) post~

    Adam & Mary

    Otherwise known as 'Caek's parents'. You should hopefully be able to see from them where Caek gained certain... aspects.
    Adam, Caek's dad, is almost entirely scratch, other than the hands. Yes, that ol' fun-time story again. Mary used Caek as a base, though also has a tail I sorta borrowed from Tails, 'cause I'm awful at spriting tails.
    Character-wise, Adam is a farmer who enjoys nothing more than viciously embarassing Caek with questions you should not ask your daughter nor her husband. Mary is more of a classic housewife, very motherly, but like her husband has quite the teasing side to her.


    Devon is a scarecrow. His head is a turnip.
    His sprite, like Adam, is entirely scratch bar the hands, which I hope to one day redo as I'm quite happy with him. He, unlike a lot of my characters, is a character of parts to slot together, to fit more in with his scarecrow nature.
    He in himself is quite... dim. He's extremely child-like in behaviour, and has an extremely innocent spirit. He aims to be the best farmer around, after his own farmer died. He refuses to let the old farmers farm fall into unrest.


    Anna, otherwise known as 'SR1' is an artificial life form created for social experimentation. She's based off a cow.
    Her sprite is quite old, so I may be mistaken, I believe she's primarily an edit of Emerl though. Honestly, due to the age of the sprite and a number of things inaccurate to the character, I plan to update it at some point soon.
    She herself is an extremely nervous individual. She's keen to impress and appear normal, and wants for nothing more than to be accepted. Despite this, she is still lacking in a large amount of social awareness to comfortably fit in with society, and has a number of unlearned and child-like traits from her being in what is effectively her infancy.


    Honestly, I probably should have categorised her with the Outopians. She's Nen's primary follower - his high priestess.
    This one's another edit of Emerl. I wanted to experiment a little with a non-mammalian character, as such she's a grasshopper. This is also the first time I really gave a character hair which wasn't just an extension of their fur.
    As a person she's quite... empassioned. She has a short temper when you make her angry, but at the same time is just as forward and keen in her positive emotions. She believes what Nen says whole-heartedly and would follow him to the ends of the earth, preaching his word wholeheartedly, not knowing how she's being manipulated.

    Maximillion Sansequal

    Maximillion is a rich ass. And boy, does he know it.
    I'll be honest, don't like his sprite much, considering redoing it soon. He has elements of Emerl and elements of custom mixed together into a very stiff-looking sprite. Gonna redo him soon.
    Character-wise... well, he's an ass. He's Shelia's primary antagonist in a way, wanting to 'buy' his way into her heart. He's manipulative, underhanded, and views people as objects, even in the case of the person he supposedly 'loves'.

    The Nocivo Forces

    The leaders of an army known as the Nocivo, a concept I dropped a while back.
    Roderigo, the guy on the left, is mostly custom. The hands are taken from Emerl, and I just to use a large nuber of reference sprites for the legs, but other than that, he's made from scratch. Manakin on the right is an edit of a Metal Slug character, who I don't remember the name of.
    As characters... well, they currently really lack character. They were part of an old project of mine which has since been abandoned. I plan to do something with them some day, but right now, they're kind of lacking in purpose.


    A sprite I use to represent myself in projects I work on.
    The sprite's body is a modified version of Adam's body, mainly 'cause I was really happy with that sprite, and hell, if you can use anything as a base, it's your own sprite, right? The rest of it is entirely custom, yet again, bar the hands. I hate hands.
    As a character... well, he's not a character. I just use him in works where I want an avatar of myself present, and that is this sprites purpose. So... there we are.


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    Re: Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

    Post  Dregan on Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:34 am

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, these are gonna be the last sprites for a while till I work on more, showcasing to you my main character, as well as his estranged brother;

    Vas & Couerl

    Handsome two aren't they?
    The sprites are entirely custom. Right down to the hands on Vas' sprites and various poses. He's one of my proudest creations, I couldn't bare to not make him entirely mine~
    As for the characters themselves? Vas is sort of... an ex-hero in a way. He's done all that 'saving the world' business, fought off demons, robots and all other manner of enemy, and now is much more content on letting other people take care of it. Still, he'll lend a hand here and there to anyone in need, and stays true to his virtues.
    Couerl is... raving mad. Broken. And extremely powerful and violent. I could go into large detail as to why he's a giant wolf thing and Vas is a giant centaur thing... but I think I'll save that for profiles.

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    Re: Dregan Be Spritin' It Up

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